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Laurie Jimenez is the founder and host of Relentless Minds, which she was inspired to create when she saw the impact of being open about our challenges in life. Laurie’s own life experience was the main trigger that influenced her desire to do more for others. Her past included growing up in a very controlling environment through a cult that she was born into. Over the years of her youth and adolescence she found herself constantly struggling with guilt and shame due to her inability to live authentically and being coerced into following a lifestyle she did not believe in. Eventually, Laurie decided she could not settle for a life of control and shame and she made the very difficult decision to leave the community at 18, which resulted in rejection from her community and shunning of her family. Although alone, Laurie persevered, and continued on to graduate with a degree as a healthcare professional in dental hygiene and began to focus on her happiness and her dreams. Laurie learned very early on in her life the potential of a resilient mindset and undeterred desire to create positive change in one’s life. Realizing how her ability to take action and make sacrifices had led her to a happier life, she was inspired to say the following:

” Some time ago I found myself in a place where I had finally disconnected myself from all of the negative people and influences I had had in my life up until then. I had to rid myself of the toxic environments for growth to take place. I realized in that time that from then on out I was in full control of the direction my life would take. I dedicated myself to daily reflection and reading, searching for the truths of what is my reality. I questioned everything, I questioned my actions and my philosophies and why I believed things to need to be a certain way. I asked myself “is this what you believe, or is this what you were taught and conditioned to believe?” Since then my life and mindset have reached levels of growth I never thought I would reach. I didn’t think it was possible. But what made all the difference in the end was that I finally found myself happy. My past no longer brought me down and I lived with a constant sense of tranquility and meaning. I made the decision then that I wanted this for others. I wanted people in this world to find their own happiness and meaning and to pull out everything they could from their lives. Because life is so beautiful. That is why I started this podcast and movement of owning your story and creating your life. Relentless Minds is all about people embracing their life’s tribulations and overcoming them in ways that have mentally, emotionally and spiritually strengthened them. I know it’ll be a great source of inspiration and I can’t wait to share in on this journey with all of you. “

Laurie is a personal autonomy enthusiast and serial entrepreneur. She has always believed in pursuing your dreams and following your heart, and has made it her mission in life to inspire others to do the same for themselves. She stands firmly by her motto “Own Your Story, Create Your Life” in which she communicates that regardless of the hardships one faces in life, it is still their responsibility and right to create and live the life they desire and deserve.

Want to get in touch with Laurie? Please feel free to send her an email at info@lauriejimenez.com


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