On this episode on Relentless Minds  I interview Tammy Harris who is the founder of the Ursus institute, A non-profit that works to combat human and sex trafficking. Her organization uses research, data and community engagement to disrupt human trafficking and to help survivors in their recovery. They also leverage the network within the anti-trafficking community to operate more effectively. In this interview Tammy dives into her personal experiences in life having faced mental, physical and sexual abuse and explains how these events led her to where she is today in complete dedication to combating sex trafficking nationwide and soon, abroad. She talks about how each and every one of us have basic needs of love, support and belonging and when those needs are not met we seek to find them elsewhere,  which can be especially dangerous for children who are preyed upon by sex traffickers.

Tammy is working together with film producer Marlon Morrison to create the first of its kind documentary based on true stories to highlight the realities of sex trafficking. in the interview she shares with us what this documentary will cover and why she hopes people tune in to watch and educate themselves. More Information on the  live trailer reveal event for this documentary, called Standing With Bears, can be accessed with this link.

Standing With Bears: A Human Trafficking Documentary Based on True Events

Wednesday on June 24th, 2020 @ 7 pm EST. 

To more about the work of the Ursus Institute and how to get involved please follow this link. 

Get in Touch with Tammy @ tammy@ursusinstitute.net