This is episode 2/4 in the Genocide Series in honor of April being Genocide Awareness month. This April is also the 26th anniversary of the Genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 where nearly 1 million tutsis were murdered.

In today’s episode I speak with Jacqueline Murekatete who is a lawyer, a human rights activist and the founder of the nonprofit organization Genocide Survivors Foundation; which focuses on the prevention of genocide through educating the public, as well as supporting genocide survivors in various areas of need. Jacqueline is a survivor of the genocide against the tutsis in Rwanda in 1994. She was 9 years old when the Genocide occurred. She had 6 siblings (the youngest being 2 months old) and a father and mother, all of whom were killed during the genocide. Jacqueline managed to survive, and now in her adult life she dedicates her life to educating people about how genocide occurs and how we as a society should understand the dangers of discrimination and intolerance as seen in history through genocide. And the importance of working to build a society that is accepting of all people, regardless of their culture, religion or race.

To learn more about the work that Jacqueline does through the Genocide Survivors Foundation, and to donate please visit their website here.

Your donation will be used to further efforts in preventing genocide though education and also to provide resources and support to survivors of genocide and other mass atrocities.

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