Roella Lieveld had her first encounter with sexual abuse as a child at the tender age of 5 years old. This abuse continued for 4 years, unknown to her mother or anyone else in her family. Roella shares that her early experience with sexual abuse and the things she learned due to this, created an environment within her which made her more vulnerable to exploitation in her early adult life. She would later continue on to have frequent incidences of sexual abuse later in her life.  At first Roella suppressed the memories and pain but discovered in her late 20’s that she was tired of constantly dealing with the pain and trauma of her reality and decided to take different measures to begin healing. She chose to embrace her experience, open up to others by sharing her story, and through that began to process her trauma and heal.

Roella went on to create the Share Network, a non-profit organization that has the purpose to raise awareness of sex trafficking. Their mission is to create opportunities for survivors of human trafficking to thrive. Share Network works to achieve this for survivors of human trafficking by using the 3E approach: Empower, Educate and Employ

Share Network also offers programs to survivors, like the removal of “branded” tattoos, dance workshops, mentor program and internships.

To learn more about Roella and Share Network please visit their website at: