The Power of Storytelling

There is so much going on around the world with protests for change and people desiring a better life for future generations. There are things that news media covers and there are things that they do not. Social events and social change movements are highlighted in the news and although helpful, there is much that is left unsaid about the people who are affected and pushing for change. Their voices are silenced, and the world only learns what media considers significant enough to share. On Relentless Minds we strive to get behind the scenes and listen to the voices of those that are fighting for a better life. We acknowledge that the impact of a story is stronger when people can connect with the person who is experiencing the event,  that is why we believe in the power of storytelling. We aim to share the stories of relentless individuals worldwide so that you can learn about their challenges, their culture and background, and their reasons for continuing to work towards creating a better life for themselves in seemingly hopeless situations.

Stories From Around the World

We aim to share stories with you from all people in all places. The reality is that people all around the world are fighting for change and their stories are just as important as those that are more local to us in the United States. We do not believe that any voice should be silenced, instead we strive to discover those individuals who are among the hidden that are willing to share their inspirational stories with us. This includes people from rural areas around the world who are facing things that common society knows nothing about. Our goal is to discover and share these issues as well as other more commonly known issues, and always from personal experience.

Open Invitation to You

We invite you to share your stories with us so that your voice can continue to be heard! We understand the value in being able to offer a safe platform for people to share their life’s challenges and hopes because there are people around the world that want to learn from you and your experiences. There are so many others that may also find themselves in a similar situation and hearing your story can make them feel less lonely, and empowered. If you would like to share your story please fill out the form here.


With the generous support of people like you, our work in spreading awareness on issues from around the world can continue. We wish to give a voice to those that are suffering in silence by sharing their stories on our platform in an effort to inspire others to support their fight for change.  Your support will help us to cover the expenses that are involved in the operations of Relentless Minds.

Please help us continue the work we do at Relentless Minds by making a donation today!



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