For many years Mark Horvath struggled with his sense of confidence and self esteem in silence. Heightened by his grueling career in the film and music industry,  ultimately Mark went down an unforgiving path of drugs, alcohol and homelessness. This life changing experience opened Mark’s eyes to the lamentable and upsetting truth that the homeless experience daily- they are the unseen and forgotten members of our society. Mark recalls countless experiences when people would go through all means to avoid being near him, or worse, avoid even making eye contact with him. These memories left an imprint on Mark’s heart and moved him into later creating Invisible People, a non-profit that is fighting homelessness through storytelling, education, news, and activism, in an effort to change the narrative on homelessness. In this interview we hear about Mark’s troubling past, his journey to self discovery and happiness, and the powerful work he has led  for the last 11 years through Invisible People that has impacted millions of listeners. 

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Recommended Books:
“The Power of Vulnerability” by Dr. Brene Brown 
“I Ain’t Much Baby, But I’m All I Got” by Dr. Jess Lair