In today’s episode I interview Lissa Ramsepaul, an incredible woman who has literally dedicated her life to helping people in underserved communities and specifically people experiencing homelessness. Lissa’s journey began when she herself was placed in the foster care system due to abuse and neglect that she experienced as a child. She eventually aged out of foster care and would go on to work with at-risk communities which is where she found a passion. During her late teen and early adult life Lissa would continue to experience housing instability as she fought to create a better future for herself.

One of the many things that inspires me about Lissa however, is her commitment to understanding the hardships that people with housing instability endure in her efforts to find a solution and create change. the topic for Lissa’s post grad dissertation was “ Risk and resilience in young adults who have experienced homelessness.” We discuss her findings in this interview as she was able to interview dozens of individuals and discover which factors led people to becoming homeless and the role that factors like trauma, and a lack of support played in the lives of people. Lissa also shares with us her own experience with housing instability and the struggles she faced  as she worked to create a better future for herself and how it shaped her life.

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