This is episode 3 of a 4 episode series covering the stories of genocide survivors in honor of April being genocide awareness month, as well as it being the 26th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda.

In today’s episode I sit down with Liliane Pari Umuhoza who was only 2 years old when the genocide against the Tutsis happened in Rwanda. She grew up facing the consequences of that atrocity in every aspect of her life due to the mental and emotional damage it created in the survivors of her community. Being able to access psychological support during her adolescence helped her greatly to process her emotions and thoughts. This inspired her to work towards making resources and help available to other survivors who also deal with their own emotional pain and mental trauma. In 2017 Liliane founded the Women Genocide Survivor’s Retreat which serves to provide psychological support to women by giving them time and space for self-expression. With the guidance of counselors they help each other heal. They are also trained for Income Generating Activities for financial sustainability. She has hosted 2 retreats in Rwanda to date (one in 2017, and one in 2018). Liliane openly discusses her personal journey of healing her trauma, as well as bringing awareness to mental health in difficult times, and the importance of being there for one another.

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