In this episode on Relentless Minds I Interview Justin Constantine, a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps and a former attorney. Justin joined the Marine Corps during his 2nd year of law school, and went on to practice in the Marine Corps as a chrome defense counsel and a criminal prosecutor. In 2006 he volunteered to deploy to Iraq in the fall as a Civil Affairs Team Leader where he led a small team of 8 Marines and Navy corpsman. For his assignment he was to help rebuild the basic infrastructure for the city including; clean running water, functioning electricity, drivable roads, and a much-needed school. On Oct 18, 2006 while on a mission, he was shot by a sniper, the bullet went through his head and caused severe damage to his face, and jaw. After he recovered he went back to law school in Georgetown and graduated in 2014 with an advanced law degree in national security, with honors. Justin is now a professional speaker who explores the intersection of leadership, overcoming adversity and the upside of change.

In this episode we discuss the lessons that Justin learned from his near-death experience as it pertains to leadership, adversity and maintaining a positive outlook on change. Recently diagnosed in January of 2020 with Stage V prostate cancer Justin refuses to allow negative thoughts and habits overwhelm him and chooses to do everything in his power to stay healthy physically and mentally while undergoing cancer treatments, a feat he has been able to manage well with the help of his loving and supportive wife Dahlia.

After practicing law for 15 years with the Federal Government, including positions at the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and the FBI, Justin decided to pursue his passion in helping others and is now an inspirational speaker and veteran advocate. He is also the author of the book, My Battlefield, Your Officewhich applies military leadership skills to the private sector.

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Learn more about Job Path: a company Justin works with which provides workforce development tools and resources for veterans, people with disabilities and formerly incarcerated people, along with a number of resources for HR professionals who want to hire them.