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Relentless Minds does not have any affiliations with any sponsors or investors, our work is entirely paid for by our own funds. We are still in the the starting phases of our business and so we kindly ask for your support as we grow. Your donations will all be used to fund our work including filming and production of video content, facilitating interviews, and hosting events for community involvement. A $20 donation can go a long way in helping us continue to create compelling content from around the world. Thank you for your support.



If you would like to be involved in our community outreach efforts please contact us to let us know you would like to be a volunteer with Relentless Minds. We will add your information to our list to call when we are hosting a local event and need additional help for set up and working in the event. If you are in the NOVA/ DC area this would work best, but we can still accept you as a volunteer if you are farther out, preferably no farther than 45 minutes driving time. Please submit your information and interest in volunteering by filling out this form.


Another great way to get involved in the Relentless Minds movement is by submitting your story of strength and resilience! We are accepting written stories or home-made videos of you and your community. We are excited to now be accepting videos made from people from around the world. These videos can be only of you, or it can also highlight your community and the struggles other people around you are facing as well. To submit these videos, please fill out the “submit your story” form letting us know you have a video you would like to submit, and we will email you instructions on how to do so.

If you would like to submit a written story please fill out the Submit Your Story form as well.



With the generous support of people like you, our work in spreading awareness on issues from around the world can continue. We wish to give a voice to those that are suffering in silence by sharing their stories on our platform in an effort to inspire others to support their fight for change.  Your support will help us to cover the expenses that are involved in the operations of Relentless Minds.

Please help us continue the work we do at Relentless Minds by making a donation today!



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