#PurposefulSeries Episode

For this interview on Relentless Minds I traveled (virtually) to India, and interviewed long-time activist and change maker Lenin Raghuvanshi. Lenin is the cofounder of PVCHR (People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights) Founded with his wife Shruti in 1996. PVCHR is a community-based organization, which focuses on breaking the feudal hierarchies of conservative slums and villages in India by building up local institutions and supporting them with a high profile and active human rights network. The ultimate mission is to provide basic rights for all and to eliminate situations that give rise to exploitation and marginalized groups. Lenin’s principle focus is on advocating for the basic rights of marginalized groups in India’s society and over the last 25 years of work he, along with his wife through PVCHR, has managed to impact 200 communities and thousands of individuals. During this interview Lenin discusses the injustices that the Dalits and women experience through the caste system and the influences that continue to oppress marginalized communities, as well as the actions that PVCHR has taken to uplift these communities and fight against the caste system.

Learn more about PVCHR and the work that they are doing!