We believe in the right of every individual to live a life of their choosing. We understand that all around the world people are fighting to create that life for themselves and support their efforts wholeheartedly.  By sharing their stories of challenge and strength we are telling them their fight matters and that there is a community of people that believe in their desire to be happy. Their examples also serve to inspire dozens of others to find the strength to take action in their own lives as well.

Relentless Minds is all about serving the community, which to us is the world, with the stories we share. We wish to reach as many people as possible from near and far, but we need your help. Our company is in its grassroots phase right now and the host currently funds all of our work through her income at her day job. We understand that this greatly limits our capacity to grow and help more people.

So we kindly ask you, our audience, for your help so that we can continue our work and reach more people. Your donations will go directly to the costs in facilitating interviews, equipment, and content production.

Thank you for your support!

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