Today’s guest on Relentless Minds is Consolee Nishimwe, who was raped  and tortured at the age of 14 during the Genocide in Rwanda against the tutsis and due to this contracted HIV, which had plagued her for years until she was able to find the strength to live with her conditions. Consolee had also experienced the loss of her father and her 3 younger brothers aged 9, 7 and 16 months old. She was thankfully able to survive with her mother and sister who provided each other with love and support after the genocide as they struggled to recover from the trauma and loss they experienced. In this interview Consolee discusses the trauma and pain she felt as she attempted to piece together her worth and dignity in the years following the genocide, and how she discovered strength in sharing her story with other women and how she believes in the power of vulnerability to heal our souls. Today, Consolee is a committed speaker on the genocide, a defender of women rights and an advocate for other genocide survivors

Consolee’s memoir “Tested to the Limit: A Genocide Survivor’s Story of Pain, Resilience and Hope. “ Is available for purchase.

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Consolee has been featured on FOX 5 TV New York, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera America, Voice of America, UN Africa Renewal Magazine, The Atlantic, Time Magazine, Women’s Media Center, The Salt Lake Tribune, Observer, several radio programmes and University newspapers and other media outlets worldwide.

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