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In February of 2019 the Relentless Minds podcast was created with a sole mission; to inspire people to create the change they wish to see in their own lives and in the World. On this platform we search for incredible stories of strength and resilience nationwide, and now worldwide, of individuals who already have, or are, overcoming challenges in order to create the change they desire to experience. Our sole objective with our platform is to inspire people around the world with powerful stories and to create a unified movement of change makers. The vision at Relentless Minds is to be a news source of inspirational stories that showcases the world-wide efforts being made on issues that are affecting people everywhere. This isn’t a local news-focused platform. We strive to raise awareness of issues including climate change, human rights, mental health, family life, relationships and more and collect the stories of people that are out there striving to make a difference.

The reason this is so important is because people everywhere want change, and this world is increasingly becoming more in need of it, but not enough people are doing anything about this. Our hope and mission at Relentless Minds is that through the examples of others fighting for the change they believe in, people will slowly become inspired and empowered to follow in those footsteps.

If this is something you feel you would like to be a part of this mission then please read ahead. As of right now, we are in the beginning phases of building up to our vision and your presence could have a major impact.

The responsibilities and duties of the intern will encompass the following;

  • Search and research individuals that complete the criteria of the guests sought to be on the Relentless Minds podcast.
  • Research on these individuals involves doing a thorough analysis online to find information pertaining to the guest in order to create the framework on which to prepare a complete interview structure.
  • Consolidating research information and preparing key highlights to be used for the interview prep of the guest.
  • Contacting, following up and scheduling guests for interviews and scheduling at least 2 guests a week.
  • Using the content of the interview once carried out with the guest to then write a narrative story to use to share and post online.
  • Maintaining social media accounts on Twitter and IG by working with team to create content and releasing this content 3x a week on IG, and participating in daily tweets (tweet posts at first must be approved by host).
  • Attend local events the team goes to in order to promote the movement at Relentless Minds and be part of the preparation required to set up for these events.

The list above are considered core responsibilities in the internship, but they are not limited to only those if you desire to play a bigger part in supporting our vision and being a significant part of the team.

To read more about the internship please select this link  Internship Opportunity


With the generous support of people like you, our work in spreading awareness on issues from around the world can continue. We wish to give a voice to those that are suffering in silence by sharing their stories on our platform in an effort to inspire others to support their fight for change.  Your support will help us to cover the expenses that are involved in the operations of Relentless Minds.

Please help us continue the work we do at Relentless Minds by making a donation today!



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