Relentless Minds collaborated with the Ursus Institute to create this interview in an effort to discuss an upcoming documentary called “Standing with Bears”. “Standing with Bears” serves to highlight the industry of sex trafficking and it’s prevalence, and provides a first-hand look at the realities of sex trafficking and the impact on those involved.

In this episode I interview film director and producer Marlon Morrison, Tammy Harris- founder of the Ursus Institute, and actor Patrick McGuire, all key members in the creation of this documentary. We explore their journey’s to finding themselves working on such a powerful and important project together and the perspectives and philosophies in life that move them. My goal for this interview was not only to highlight the content of the documentary and goals they have for it, but the reasons why this is so important for each of them at a personal level. We dive into deep conversation exploring the intersectionality between our own desires and experiences with how they ultimately create in all of us an urge to be there for others, no matter the differences between us. That strong desire is what moves people into action and Marlon, Tammy and Patrick are examples of people living purpose-driven lives.

Standing with Bears provides a candid look into the notorious underworld of sex trafficking as it follows a specific non-profit in it’s fight against social norms that perpetuate inequality. It includes interviews with victims, predators, and the advocates who struggle to eradicate the $150 billion dollar slave industry, as well as actual footage from rescue operations.

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