Today’s story and incredibly  grounding conversation come from a special man by the name of Ron Dudley. Ron lives in Washington DC and is a musician, poet and also.. an author. I was able to meet Ron through Street Sense media, a nonprofit that publishes a newspaper in the city that is written and sold by people experiencing homelessness in an effort to spread awareness of their struggles, create an avenue for income and allowing them the space to explore their talents. Ron has struggled with his housing situation for years, which keeps him separated from his children and leaves him feeling unstable. Ron has been working with street sense for 6 years, working hard to make an income, which he contributes further to with the proceeds of his book called “My Science Project” a collection of profound and thought-provoking poems. 

Today I tap into Ron’s life; his mindset and his hopes for the future as he shares with us his incredible ability to prevail when it seems that the odds are against him. 

Purchase a copy of Ron’s book “My Science Project” by reaching out to Maddie or Brian at Street Sense Media via their emails: or